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Nominate a small business for our 2023 (S)ervice (e)xperience (a)ccountability Leader award

S.E.A. Leaders is committed to improving the customer experience with small businesses. We want to recognize small businesses that are are operating as customer experience leaders in their industry. We are currently accepting nominations for 2023 Awards. If you would like to nominate a small business please do so below. 

Winners will be announced and awarded in 4th Quarter of 2023 at the annual S.E.A. Leaders Awards!

Award Categories

Best In Vendor Experience

Nominate your favorite vendor event host for the best in vendor experience award. Things to consider: As a vendor is the sign up process pain point free and easy to navigate? Are the vending instructions clear and organized? Does the host go above and beyond to make a good vendor experience. As a event participants, consider how organized the vendor shopping experience is. How easy it is to navigate the vending experience and activities, and are the vendors appropriate and activities appropriate for the audience.

Best In Customer Service

Customer Service is how a customer is helped through their customer journey. Nominate a small business that goes above and beyond for their customers at every opportunity.

Best In Overall Customer Experience

Nominate your favorite small business for best overall customer experience. This is for small businesses with big intentions. Things to consider: Are they clear on their target customer (price, presentation, etc)? is their social media professional and up to date? do they have top tier customer service? Do they have a loyalty program and customer surveys?

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