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A Great Way Small Business Owners Can Invest in Themselves this Black Friday

We’re in the business of teaching small business owners how to design and provide unforgettable experiences for their customers and master the art of customer service as a business owner! This Black Friday, we’ll be having our BIGGEST sale yet. With the new B.I.T.C.H or B.O.S.S. now released and Customer Service Trainings for less than $10, be sure to explore our Black Friday Specials valid November 23-27.


We'll be having specials on…

1. B.I.T.C.H or B.O.S.S.: A great resource to help you navigate through your Customer Service, Support, and Design pains (25% OFF)

Entrepreneurs are purchasing B.I.T.C.H or B.O.S.S. — a great resource to help you navigate through your Customer Service, Support, and Design pains.

This book is perfect for:

- The ocd business owner

- The mama bear business owner

- The homegirl/bestie business owner

- The passive business owner

- The creative/ free spirit business owner

- The rude/direct business owner

- The freebie business owner

- The lazy business owner

The perfect gift for your BOSS friends!


2. Digital Training on Automating Your Customer Experience via Social Media ($19)

It’s 2022, and quite frankly, most people check their phones before even getting out of bed. If you haven’t automated your social media platforms, you’re missing out!

Intuitive platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, allow you to set up a variety of features in order to make the user’s experience better. Grab our digital training on Automating Your Customer Experience via Social Media for only $19!

You can look forward to:

  • Quick response aid with 45 written responses for your customers

  • Steps on automating your customer service in both Instagram and Facebook

  • Best practices to minimize customer pain points

  • How to effectively manage the customer experience on social media


3. B.O.S.S. Bundle Set - Journal, Planner, and 'B.I.T.C.H or B.O.S.S.' Book ($60)

Are you excited to commit to improving your customer service? Well, this set is for you!

Not only does it include the book, but it also includes a journal and planner to help you map out your own Customer Service Journey!

According to Forbes, around half of customers post online reviews after a customer service experience—either positive or negative. That means every interaction your brand has with customers is magnified and likely shared with the masses online (Forbes, 2022).


4. Introduction to Journey Mapping Ebook ($10)

Recognizing that “good” customer service is more than providing a quality product service. With the saturation of the market, it’s important to make yourself stand out!

Some people may desire to stand out by their amazing logos or their unique product packaging. However – those are just contributing pieces to your customers’ entire experience from start to finish.

You can look forward to:

  • A break down of what journey mapping is

  • An aid to help you identify your market persona

  • Your own journey map to fill out for your customers



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