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Covid 19 Impact On The Customer Experience For Both Large And Small Businesses!

There is no secret Covid 19 has brought its own set of challenges around the world. Staffing and customer service are two of the things suffering in the midst of this pandemic. Employers everywhere are struggling to find work, leaving several companies understaffed and employees overworked. When you have exhausted, unhappy employees the ability and desire to help customers is just not there and understandably so, but as more people are vaccinated and the world becomes closer to its new normal, Covid will not be an acceptable excuse for poor customer service when people are spending their money.

While the current state of the workforce is tragic for everyone in some way, it really places quality small businesses in a unique position, to actually be competitive with the corporations. It is a proven fact people will pay more for quality service and while small business owners typically don't have the resources to be competitive in price, they have the capability to exceed customer expectations and WOW them. The more moments of delight that can be created the more likely a loyal customer is gained. As a small business owner, now is the time to be careful with your words, utilize the S.E.A. rules of communication, create an intentional customer journey and create small yet impactful moments of delight for your ideal customer. If you need help designing a unique and impactful customer experience schedule a 30 minute exploration call and let us see how we can help.