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Shopping Trends this Holiday Season

Lucky for all of us, Forbes recently reported Shopping Trends that we can likely see amongst consumers this Black Friday! Upon jumping right into the trends, they boldly note that this year is likely to look different for retailers!

From the look of the mall during this season, we all know that this is a high traffic time. It’s also when customer service is put to the test the most throughout the year. Understanding your customers, establishing and strengthening a customer-centric mindset and preparing early can set your team up for success!

“With wallets strapped and emotions running high, customers during the 2022 holiday shopping season are looking for brands that can provide personalized, convenient solutions to make their lives easier and better.” - Forbes

1. Spending is down.

Sad to say for retailers, but we’re likely to see an overall decrease in spending. WIth the tough economic times we’re facing post-pandemic, it’s important to prepare for this projection.