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Outsource your Customer Service with S.E.A. Leaders

Customer service is one of the first things you should outsource in a growing business. As your business grows you want your customers to enjoy your growth with you and not feel the growing pains. Outsourcing your customer experience with S.E.A. Leaders contact center will allow  you to focus on your service or product while we focus on providing your customers great customer service. Our staff is trained to be (S)ervice (E)xperience (A)ccountability leaders. They are trained to go above and beyond and do what it takes to WOW your customers at every touchpoint. Our agents are thoroughly trained on the importance of customer experience and customer service soft skills. We pride ourselves in being customer service leaders. You can take comfort in knowing your customers are in the best hands!  We handle email, SMS, social, chat, inbound calls, scheduling services, and more. Schedule a consultation now to discuss how we can help make your life a little easier or submit the contact us form below!

Start Up



540 Minutes



160 Minutes



1000 minutes



240 Minutes



3500 Minutes



  • Each plan is customized to enhance your customer experience and compliment your customer journey

  • Secure software and information

  • Call Recording

  • Regular Internal Coaching

  • Shared Agent Pool

  • Monthly Standard KPI's-AHT, CSAT

  • All shared plans are month to month no long term commitment

  • Number porting available for additional cost

  • Non refundable - Start up fee required with all plans

  • Annual fee $1800.00 for all plans beginning 12 months after you begin services