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S.E.A. Leaders Announces Inaugural S.E.A. Leader Awards to Celebrate Indiana's Service Experience Accountability Leaders and Promote Customer-Centricity Among Small Business Owners

June 26, 2023


Indianapolis, IN - S.E.A. Leaders, a leading customer experience firm, is set to launch its highly anticipated inaugural S.E.A. Leader Awards. The prestigious event aims to recognize Indiana's service experience accountability leaders across various industries while inspiring small business owners to prioritize leadership and the customer experience. The community is encouraged to nominate outstanding small business owners who consistently deliver exceptional customer service and elevate the customer experience.

The S.E.A. Leader Awards will showcase and honor businesses that have gone above and beyond in providing exceptional customer service and creating memorable experiences for their customers. The awards will feature three main categories: "Best in Customer Service," "Best in Customer Experience," and "Best in Vending Experience," with winners being selected based on their commitment to service excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

"We are thrilled to introduce the inaugural S.E.A. Leader Awards," said Jennica Anderson, CEO of S.E.A. Leaders Inc. "This event is a celebration of the individuals and businesses in Indiana that have demonstrated exceptional dedication to their customers, setting a benchmark for service experience accountability. We believe that recognizing these leaders will inspire others to prioritize the customer experience and ultimately drive positive growth in our local business community."

The S.E.A. Leader Awards will feature a lineup of esteemed speakers who are influential figures in their respective industries. Confirmed speakers include Brittany Simmons, CEO of Simmons Solutions, renowned for her expertise in emotional intelligence and leadership strategies; Anthony Murdock II, CEO of Murdock LLC, known for his powerful transformation approach to business leadership and development; Nicole Kearney, CEO of Sip and Share Wines, celebrated for her commitment to exceptional service in the beverage industry; and Jennica Anderson, CEO of S.E.A. Leaders Inc., recognized for her leadership in the customer experience field.

Small business owners, customers, and community members are encouraged to nominate deserving businesses that consistently provide outstanding customer service and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Nominations can be submitted through the official S.E.A. Leader Awards website,, where detailed guidelines and instructions are available. The deadline for nominations is August 30,2023.

In addition to the awards, the event offers sponsorship opportunities for businesses and organizations looking to support and align themselves with the values of customer experience excellence and leadership. Interested sponsors are invited to contact the event organizers for more information on sponsorship packages and benefits.

The inaugural S.E.A. Leader Awards promises to be a momentous occasion, recognizing the remarkable achievements of Indiana's service experience accountability leaders while inspiring small business owners to raise the bar in terms of customer service and experience. By celebrating these exemplary businesses, S.E.A. Leaders aims to foster a culture of customer-centricity and elevate the standard of service excellence within the local business community.

About S.E.A. Leaders Inc.: S.E.A. Leaders Inc. is a renowned customer experience firm dedicated to empowering businesses to deliver exceptional customer experiences. With a focus on leadership, innovation, and accountability, S.E.A. Leaders provides comprehensive solutions and resources to help businesses thrive in today's competitive landscape.

For media inquiries, please contact: Jennica Anderson, CEO, S.E.A. Leaders Inc., 8557325323

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