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Blue Water

S.E.A. Leaders

(S)ervice (E)xperience (A)ccountability Leaders

We help solopreneurs and entrepreneurs improve their brands customer experience with authentic experience design, customer service training and customer support outsourcing. We help brands create & implement experiences that foster loyal customer relationships and sustainable growth.


We design experiences that keep your customers wanting more and becoming your biggest brand advocate. We work with you to get to know your customers and your business through customer survey design and administration, KPI establishment, customer journey mapping and more.....

We provide contact center outsourcing for small businesses. Our Service Experience Accountability leaders will handle all voice, SMS, social, chat and email customer support. 

We provide professional customer service staff training. We will come to you and train your staff on how to be customer service leaders. They will have the tools and resources to control any situation and not compromise the integrity of your business. If you have an office manager or in house customer support with no processes in place. We can establish and blueprint customer support metrics and processes.

Providing experiences is no longer optional, it is necessary for sustainable success!